Basic Rules

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Basic Rules

Post  Dusky on Sun Jul 01, 2012 5:36 am


  • Don't be mean or rude. We don't want anyone feeling bad.

  • Respect other members. If you don't like another member, or don't agree with what they say, please just don't say anything and respect them.

  • Swearing isn't allowed. Our site is open to all ages and we don't want any young kids hearing bad language.

  • Use proper grammar. Please use proper grammar on this site, it's hard to understand you if you don't.

  • Don't give out personal information. Please don't give away your personal information, or anyone else's. We want to keep our members safe because remember, this is the internet. (Passwords count as personal info, k?)

  • Don't spam. Spam can be annoying and it's a waste.

  • No double posting. Double posting is seen as spam, and, as mentioned above, spam is against the rules. (Admins may double post if they need to. Moderators can't.)

  • Please don't roleplay until approved. We don't want you guys roleplaying until we approve your wolf. We need to make sure everything is okay with it.

  • Only roleplay as your wolf. Don't roleplay as anyone else's wolf, that's god modding. If your wolf is pregnant and gives birth to a pup, you may control the pup.

  • You may only have 2 wolves per pack and up to 5 loners alive at once.

  • Roleplay in the third person. When you roleplay make sure you say "he", "she" or your cat's name.

  • Don't create more than one account. Having multiple accounts can become confusing, besides, you don't really need another..

Have fun here! Hopefully these rules don't seem too strict to you. I'm not actually a very strict person, I try to be nice, so there's no need to worry. ^u^

Dusk, Alpha Female of The Pack of Sun
Azure Female Warrior of The Pack of Fog
Galaxy, Female Loner
Deadpoison, Male Warrior of The Pack of Earth
Sira, Female Medicine Wolf of The Pack of Mist

Scratch, DeviantART and SheezyArt. Those are all websites where I do art. ^-^ I'm able to talk to different people on different websites. I like it! :3


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