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Post  Dusky on Sun Jul 01, 2012 8:42 am

  • You will be allowed to have two wolves in each pack.

  • They can start out at any age.

  • If you don't want your wolf to be a normal wolf (e.g. pup, apprentice, mother, warrior, elder, medicine wolf) and you want to be be an alpha, beta wolf or omega... Your wait time for wolf approval may be a little longer.

  • Since we have to way to tell what rank the wolf is based on their name, we ask that you put the info in your signature. Like in mine it says my wolf's gender, rank and pack.

  • If the alpha in your clan doesn't already have a mate, and you want to be his or her mate, you can only be if they post a topic in the Mate Finder. Same with beta.

  • Please don't post until you're approved. We're not like super strict with this rule we just want to make sure that if there's anything wrong with your creation you don't have to change it after you've already roleplayed.

  • Only role play as your approved characters.

Either Cinder~Moon, GraySlate, Torm or I will approve your creation.

Dusk, Alpha Female of The Pack of Sun
Azure Female Warrior of The Pack of Fog
Galaxy, Female Loner
Deadpoison, Male Warrior of The Pack of Earth
Sira, Female Medicine Wolf of The Pack of Mist

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