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Post  FireWolfRain on Sun Apr 27, 2014 9:34 pm

Name(Name of your wolf):Emma
Gender(Female or Male):Female
Age(Years of age):3 years old
Pack(Put "Loner" for loners): Earth pack
Rank(Grown wolves count as warriors):Beta
Appearance(A picture or description): A large muscular grey timber wolf with abnormal light blue eyes and a thick warm pelt. A long thin tail.
Personality(What your wolf is like): She's hostile when you first meet her, but after when you don't bother her she can be very friendly. She's usually very serious and focused, but she knows how to have fun and she can be careless and foolish at times. She can be cold-hearted. She hates when you bother/irritate her or when she's wrong. She's intelligent, wary and almost always ready for anything.
Short Bio(Something about your wolf's past): [[OPTIONAL]] Emma's mother was a medicine wolves and her father was a warrior. Emma's mother was cast out of her pack, wrongly accused of poisoning the warriors before the great battle with the other pack, where she came from. Her father was overcome with anger and frustration, leaving the pack joining her, but the pack wanted him since he was the best warrior and forced him to stay. Her father then decided to kill the entire pack for revenge, but the alpha defeated him and killed him instead. Emma saw her father when he died to the paws of their alpha, she vowed to get revenge and kill the alpha. Emma learned about medicine and how to hunt and fight from her parents. She turns out to be an excellent leader, but she prefers to work and hunt independently. Emma then left the pack and lived on her own for a while, teaching herself and learning from nature, while looking for her mother. She then decided to join a pack.
RP Sample(Just a short Paragraph showing us how well you RP): Emma snarled at the angry pack of wolves who were ready to tear her pieces , but she didn't back down. She pounced on of the stronger looking wolves and bite down on his flank. She holded on while he tried to shake her off. She tasted blood and stopped for a moment, remembering when the alpha killed her father by biting down on his flank until he fell life-less onto the ground. The wolf pushed her off balance, she regained balance and attacked again, aiming for his neck taking note that she shouldn't let him have another chance, again. She rips his throat out and scans the clearing. The pack has ran away, all that's left is the dark crimson blood on the light fluffy snow and the wind to whisper away the scent of death. ( I don't know if that's short...sorry.)

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Post  Wolfbayne on Sun May 11, 2014 8:28 pm

Name: Wolfbayne
Gender: Male
Age: 4 years old
Pack: loner
Apperance: big muscular white wolf with black stripes across his back and head with a black paw .
Personality: Mean when he doesn't know you but when know each other he is a nice and loyal he can be rebellious at times.
Rp sample:Wolfbayne was running from gang of wolves that jumped him when he was walking through the dark woods.The biggest wolf jumped on his back dragging him to the ground wolfbayne stands up and runs into the wolf biting at her muzzle and pushes her into a tree. The others jump on to him and wolfbayne bucks and shakes them off and bangs the biggest wolf against the tree and puts her to the ground and listens to her whine and finally puts her to sleep. All the wolves back away as wolfbayne rises with bloody jaws and the wolves run.


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