Pandora the she-wolf.

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Pandora the she-wolf. Empty Pandora the she-wolf.

Post  ~SummerDew on Fri Nov 29, 2013 5:04 am

Name(Name of your wolf): Pandora.
Gender(Female or Male): Female
Age(Years of age): 4
Pack(Put "Loner" for loners): Mist Pack.
Rank(Grown wolves count as warriors): Warrior
Appearance(A picture or description):  Pandora the she-wolf. 4eb06ee4c2e069f17b41c71b21a54586
Personality(What your wolf is like): Friendly, though sometimes fierce, intelligent, loyal, determined, unique, calm, obedient, gleeful.
Short Bio(Something about your wolf's past): [[OPTIONAL]] When she was younger, her kindred was hold captive for their fur, and for some evil-spirited humans' satisfaction. They killed all of Pandora's family, though she tried to fight her hardest and tried to keep her family safe, then were killed easily.... with no other choice, Pandora had to dart away for the sake of her life, she couldn't save a dead animal. She has been roaming for years, and moons. Now, she is an adult, and still fights hard without giving up.
RP Sample(Just a short Paragraph showing us how well you RP): Without hesitation, the she-wolf glanced upon the snow-bitten grass that lie before her feet. The now ill-minded pup padded towards her family that was being killed away; she whirled around the human, trying to get their attention and to create them in a dizzy trance, but still, nothing had met their expectations. Pandora barked, and finally snapped and tore at the human, but all it did was cause a furious aura. The human rose his tube at Pandora, but the beautiful pup was gone in a flash; the glowing orbs that was her last family member were now sinking into the depths of the forest. Pandora watched sadly, as then fury exploded inside of her. She paced forwards, and tore extremely viciously at the human. The human was injured, but not close to dead, and turned in madness to Pandora. She was then chased off, and jumped into a nearby lake, making sure the hunter didn't see her; and he hadn't he presumed forwards, an that..... was it.


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