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Bamboo of the Pack of Mist Empty Bamboo of the Pack of Mist

Post  Barcebeast on Wed Feb 06, 2013 7:03 pm

Name;; Bamboo

Gender;; Male

Age;; 3 years

Pack;; Pack of Mist

Rank;; Medicine Wolf

Anime- Bamboo of the Pack of Mist Goldendire
Real- Bamboo of the Pack of Mist Russetbrownwolf

Personality;; Bamboo is generally the wolf who is grumpy, sarcastic and a bit arrogant at times. He prefers independence, only because he had a bad past that he doesn't like talking about. Despite his grumpy side, when you get to know him, he'll be nice, fun loving, humorous, outgoing, and considerate. He always will help someone in need, though sometimes he'll be reluctant depending on who it is, only if the wolf is out of the pack.

Short Bio;; Bamboo won't share this with anyone, but I may put it up later

RP Sample;; Bamboo narrowed his eyes against the bitterly cold winds that were striking at him from all sides. Everything around him was white, except for the brown-gray mountain before him, that was nearly hidden entirely by the snow that poured down. The blizzard going on was loud, having that eerie whistle. The cold sent shudders down his spine, and his russet body winced as hail pierced him. Not only did snow come down massively, ice chunks, hail, came down with it. Nervousness made him stiffen. He was quite afraid indeed, because his Pack was gone, and he'd been abandoned. Shaking his head, the massive russet male let himself grow determined once more. I can do this! Bamboo thought, his aqua eyes blazing with a new intensity. Powering his way through the blizzard, he quickened his pace into a sprint, with his long, bushy tail sticking straight out behind him. Skidding to a halt in front of a dark cave, that, despite the cold winds and blizzard, looked certainly warmer than outside. Bamboo vigorously shook the snow from his thick fur, and padded silently inside. Silently, he sat down, curling his tail neatly over his paws, and let out a howl. The howl was ever so musical. Angelic and gentle, but deep with his rumbling, roar of a masculine voice. His howl echoed around the cave, until at last, after a few moments, heard another howl in reply.

{ That was just a roleplay sample from when he was a bit younger, but still a medicine wolf. He was apart of a Pack that wasn't the four Packs the site has currently. Bamboo was separated, but soon found the Pack of Mist, and joined. }


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