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Post  Torm on Fri Dec 21, 2012 4:55 pm

Fiffig lay in the the shadows of the corners of camp. He was Omega, and wasn't treated as fairly as others, being the lowest rank in the pack.

Now, Omegas are actually quite respected in the pack, like any wolf. However they do not hunt, only sniff the dung of potential prey so that the pack can locate the animal they are to hunt. They stay at the back of the pack's order line, and the difference in punishment is far worse than that of a regular wolf. If the Omega messes up, the whole pack attacks him, bruising and cutting him until he whimpers for mercy long enough. He is expected to be in just as good shape during the hunt after the punishment as well. The Medicine Wolf does not heal him, for he deems unworthy. While being punished, he has to keep still, face shoved into the mud, tail tucked tight between his legs, crouching, ears flat, and showing the whole pack the pain he is in by yelping and whimpering.

If an Omega messes up during punishment, he will be punished more, and some times has the chance of being killed through the brutal beating. This is why the Omegas don't survive long unless they manage to be...well either perfect, or manage to rank up in the pack by defeating another pack member.

Fiffig himself had recently become Omega when the previous one had basically kicked his butt in a fight. Fiffig was already the lowest rank besides the Omega, so naturally he took the previous Omega's place.

Silver female warrior of the Pack Of Mist:

Aaka female mother of the Pack Of Fog:

King male warrior of the Pack Of Sun:

Fiffig male omega of the pack of earth:
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Magi female pup of the Pack of fog:
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