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Post  Dusky on Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:54 pm

Name: Dusk
Gender: Female
Age: 5
Pack: Sun
Rank: Alpha
Appearance: Dusk is a pure black with wolf yellow, almost golden, eyes.
Personality: She is a kind and wise wolf who takes her job very seriously and does not like playing any games. Dusk gets right on down to business. But if ANYONE hurts someone she cares about, she goes into a blind rage.

Short Bio: (Optional) When Dusk was a pup she lived near a farm, her parents would hunt the farmer's livestock, as there was no other food around. One day, when they went out hunting, they didn't come back to the den where they lived for a long time. She became worried, terrified that something awful had happened to them. Dusk ventured out of her den to the fence that kept the farmer's livestock in. She peered inside, then instantly leapt back, horrified by what she saw. Her parents were laying motionless in a pool of blood, the farmer standing over their bodies with a gun. He picked up the bodies of Dusk's parents and carried them away to sell the fur. Dusk had seen her parents hunt before, so she knew how to survive alone, but it would be terrible. She swore to get revenge on that farmer for killing her family. When Dusk was a young adult she traveled deep into the forest, meeting other wolves and eventually creating a pack. A pack that she ruled, The Pack of Sun.

RP Sample: (Just a short Paragraph showing us how well you RP.) The warm summer breeze gently ruffled Dusk's fur as she stood before her packmates. "The battle we just fought was a rough one," She said. "But we made it through with only a few injuries. I want you all to see our medicine wolf immediately. If enough of you are okay I'll have the beta arrange some hunting patrols. That is all."

Obviously, since I'm an admin, I don't have to wait for this to be approved, but you guys will.

Dusk, Alpha Female of The Pack of Sun
Azure Female Warrior of The Pack of Fog
Galaxy, Female Loner
Deadpoison, Male Warrior of The Pack of Earth
Sira, Female Medicine Wolf of The Pack of Mist

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