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Creation Template

Post  Dusky on Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:42 pm

Name(Name of your wolf):
Gender(Female or Male):
Age(Years of age):
Pack(Put "Loner" for loners):
Rank(Grown wolves count as warriors):
Appearance(A picture or description):
Personality(What your wolf is like):
Short Bio(Something about your wolf's past): [[OPTIONAL]]
RP Sample(Just a short Paragraph showing us how well you RP):

Ranks are: Omega, Pup, Apprentice, Mother, Warrior, Elder, Medicine Wolf, Beta Wolf and Alpha Wolf.
Before you submit your creation, if you're making your wolf in a power rank, you may want to check here.

Note: If you have made a creation on this site before, and had it approved, any wolves after that do not have to have the RP sample written out again. We already know how you role play. However, you still can if you really want to.

Dusk, Alpha Female of The Pack of Sun
Azure Female Warrior of The Pack of Fog
Galaxy, Female Loner
Deadpoison, Male Warrior of The Pack of Earth
Sira, Female Medicine Wolf of The Pack of Mist

Scratch, DeviantART and SheezyArt. Those are all websites where I do art. ^-^ I'm able to talk to different people on different websites. I like it! :3


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