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Post  Torm on Fri Jul 06, 2012 11:48 am

You can post random short-stories about stuff you did. Whether it's on video games, forums, or just in real life Razz

I was a endermen humanoid. I could fly, create stuff, destroy stuff, and bring happiness to the people of the village I created. There was nice a vast land. I took this land into my possession long ago, and built a village surrounded by strong fencing on it. There were many people. I planted trees and and flowers in this village. I put a pond in for fishing and fishing, complete with stone steps. I built houses and wheat gardens, and finally placed the villagers. One day when I was watching over my village, the cats and wolves roaming around happily, the sheep, cows, and pigs in their pen, which was very big and full of grass along with a tiny pond for them to drink from, I saw something in the distance. I went to investigate. Creepers! Coming to attack our village. I was able to fend them off with a wall of fire, but it wouldn't last long. With the little time I had, I created a lava pit to surround the village, so any creepers could not get it.

All was peaceful once again, until the zomies came. Every night, the villagers would hide in their homes as the zombies would jump over the lava pit using hills and into the village to attack the villagers. I would fend them off, but every now and then a zombie would break down a door and kill a family of villagers. So thus I created many iron golems. These iron golems roamed around the village, attacking zombies that came into the village. They were very strong and powerful, with a ton of health. Plus, they had long stone arms that they would kill the zombies with, making their attack range farther than that of the zombie. All was good.

Of course there was more problems to fix. I had blocked out the creepers who were too dumb to jump over the lava, built iron golems to easily fend off the zombies, and nothing else seemed to attack the village. One day, how ever, the spiders jumped over the lava also, like the zombies. The iron golems were too busy with the zombies to notice, plus the spiders were too fast for their slow attacks. That's when I sent the wolves on them. Now the wolves also played a role in protecting the village. They mobbed spiders, killing them off quickly, rather than just sitting in the village looking cute like the cats(all though the creepers stayed far away from the cats x3).

Life was good. That is, until the endermen showed up. Those pesky creatures had a lot of health, and could easily kill the wolves, while the iron golems refused to attack them for some reason. Not only that, the endermen could teleport into the village and the villagers' houses! I had no idea what to do. Then I got an idea. I built a wool cloud with a giant wool castle full of crafting areas, beds, and food. It even had a few cats and wolves in it! It was too high for the endermen to teleport to, or at least too high for them to WANT to teleport to. I created even bigger mobs of wolves, which easily took down the endermen one by one. If a wolf died, I created five more to replace it. The villagers retreated up a spiral staircase of wool into the cloud castle whenever the endermen attacked. This solved that problem.

We had become protective of the village now. The iron golems were constantly on guard with at least 6 wolves by their side each. The cats sat around the edges of the fencing, looking out in case there were any creepers(I guess the cats prevented the creepers from trying to jump across the lava, because I know they CAN jump, they just wouldn't), while I myself hovered about the village, checking on everyone constantly and guarding the village.

Then came the day these green, cubes of slime came. They were called slimes. Some were MASSIVE in size, and would basically sit on anything in reach and not move, as if eating it. If I tried to go up to one of those bigger ones, I bounced off their jello-like bodies. I tried to kill them with my diamond sword, but wen i did they reformed into tinier, bouncier globs. I would kill those, and even more tinier ones reformed. Annoyed, I left them alone. However, when they "attacked" the village, the wolves were powerless against them. Every time they tried to attack the slimes they just bounced off harmlessly. The iron golems didn't even bother attacking them. However the villagers were not afraid of the tiny ones. The medium sized ones and the massively large ones didn't come into the village. The "baby" ones did though. They were quiet adorable. They didn't eat anything, didn't hurt anyone or anything, didn't cause people and animals to bounce off them, and didn't actually do any harm. The villagers would stop walking when they saw one and look at it happily. I decided to make the baby slimes pets, like the cats and wolves were. The cats and wolves didn't attack them either. The wolves only attacked them if I told them too, and would automatically attack the giant ones, even though it served no purpose. I even built a tiny house. It only had room for one person to STAND inside, and not move. A perfect little house that had just enough room for a little slime to bounce around in, considering they were only as big as a baby wolf's head. Maybe even smaller. This was my special slime's house. I put the tiny little slime in it. The baby slime bounced around happily, every now and then bouncing to the window and looking outside before bouncing around again all playful-like. I put up a sign next to the door.

The sign read:


Silver female warrior of the Pack Of Mist:

Aaka female mother of the Pack Of Fog:

King male warrior of the Pack Of Sun:

Fiffig male omega of the pack of earth:
Who wants some entertainment? E8a3p5

Magi female pup of the Pack of fog:
Who wants some entertainment? K1tf9g

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