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Wolf Bio- Jacob Empty Wolf Bio- Jacob

Post  ~Twihard Gril at Heart~ on Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:35 pm

Name(Name of your wolf): Jacob
Gender(Female or Male): Male
Age(Years of age): 15
Pack(Put "Loner" for loners): Loner (Friendly)
Rank(Grown wolves count as warriors): Warrior
Appearance(A picture or description):
Wolf Bio- Jacob Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTdFqbWw0P0fvFNSwhA0RBpHlPtHU0nCfU6dPtVfbq-igSBAkBRug
Personality(What your wolf is like): Very protective of pack members, and has a short temper. Can be caring, and loving to anyone who wants it though.
Short Bio(Something about your wolf's past): [[OPTIONAL]] Jacob's Mom died shortly after birth. So did his sister Leah. His father was very mean to him afterwards.
RP Sample(Just a short Paragraph showing us how well you RP): Jacob woke up to a bright sunny morning. He stood up and shook himself off to clear his fur of all left over mud and dirt from last nights hunt. He padded over to the half-eaten deer and took a bite. Still juicy. He then trotted out into the forest to start a new day.
~Twihard Gril at Heart~
~Twihard Gril at Heart~

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