What You Can Get Banned For

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What You Can Get Banned For

Post  Torm on Thu Dec 13, 2012 4:39 pm


Banning is very real in the site of Silver Howl. Many members break the rules constantly, and this will not be allowed any longer. Here are the categories in which you may get banned, and for how long:


This is a major offence on the site. This is any useless and annoying post or topic, in which is used by many beginners or older members who want to surpass another in posts. This is the rules for it. If you are accused of spam, and it is approved as spam from an administrator for more than 5 times, you will be banned for 3 days. This punishment will be elevated each time 3 more days whenever you repeat this offence.


We have had some problems with flaming in the past, but the site leaders are much better with this. After one bit of flaming or rude behavior of any kind, if an administrator accepts it as bad conduct, the flamer will be put on Trial, with random jury members on at the time. If you are found guilty, you will get a 3-20 day ban, depending on the extremity.

Two Accounts

This is a hard matter for administrators to handle. We can see if two members use the same computer, but do not know if siblings are the matter. Administrators or Moderators will hold a few tests on this, and if you are found guilty, the second account will immediately be deleted, and you will be banned for 10-20 days, depending on how long you've had it or how extreme the reason for having it is.

Inappropriate Language

If you post 10 uncensored curse words, you will be banned for 3 days. Damn and Hell do not count.


Depending on how extreme this is, you will be banned for 20 days to complete deletion.


Trolls will be automatically deleted.

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