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Post  Torm on Wed Dec 05, 2012 5:53 pm

Name(Name of parent wolf): Aaka
Father Or Mother?(Is this the mom or dad?): Mother
Pack(Pack mother is in): Pack Of Fog
Appearance: White. Amber Eyes.
Personality: Sweet, kind, gentle, but protective.
Size(Big/small/Runt/Regular/Very large/etc): Fairly large. Just a bit above "Big" I guess x3

Name(Name of parent wolf): Stark
Father Or Mother?(Is this the mom or dad?): Father
Pack(Pack mother is in): Pack Of Fog
Appearance: Silvery-Grey with black markings.
Personality: Tough and protective. Loyal and loving. A natural father.
Size(Big/small/Runt/Regular/Very large/etc): Very Large.

Any pups in need of a family post here~
Just make sure to keep it realistic: Like, since they are both protective in personality there is a strong chance the pup will grow up protective. Or since they both are lighter-colored, so would the pup, except maybe from grandparents may cause one pup to end up black or something o3o

I like to keep things realistic. No, if you are a parent you don't have to be realistic...This site isn't exactly realistic...at all...I just like to be realistic with things like this.

Silver female warrior of the Pack Of Mist:

Aaka female mother of the Pack Of Fog:

King male warrior of the Pack Of Sun:

Fiffig male omega of the pack of earth:
Available Parents!~ E8a3p5

Magi female pup of the Pack of fog:
Available Parents!~ K1tf9g

Available Parents!~ 5nsrqb

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