I'm leaving... For good

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I'm leaving... For good

Post  GraySlate on Sat Aug 11, 2012 10:32 pm

Hi guys, I have some news... I went to this site because my friend made it, and at first I loved it. But now I'm more interested in horses and improving my equestrian skills. I am now taking equestrian lessons. Anyway, this site isn't really my thing. If anyone wants to use my charries, they are welcome! They are now "public characters". If that isn't allowes then Dusky will say so. Don't use them until dusky comments saying yes. If she said no then don't.

Dusky: Please don't waste your time yelling at me about this. Just say no or yes to the public character thing and move on.

If I actually come back, I will tell you.

Goodbye! I will miss you all.

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