Pack Jumping, Inter-Pack Love, Evil Wolves, Loners

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Pack Jumping, Inter-Pack Love, Evil Wolves, Loners

Post  Dusky on Mon Jul 02, 2012 2:34 am

Here is a little bit of information on Pack Jumping, Inter-Pack Love, Evil Wolves and Loners.

Pack Jumping

If a wolf no longer likes its pack or wants to leave for some other reason, post in the Off Topic Chat and an admin or mod will either approve of your leaving for a different pack, or disapprove.

Inter-Pack Love

You are allowed to fall in love with a wolf from another pack but only if you get it approved first in Off Topic Chat by an admin or mod.

Evil Wolves

Got an evil plot for your wolf? Post it in Off Topic Chat! Most pups aren't very smart and are silly at a young age. They're usually nice and playful, but some go bad. Some wolves start out as mean ones, destined to be evil. Be aware of the fact that we cannot have too many evil wolves running around at once, so make your plot while you can!


You are allowed to be a loner if you want, it counts as its own "pack." They don't really have a home though, they just walk around random pack territories hoping not to be caught. If you're interested in creating a loner, remove rank and pack from the creation template and at the bottom, after RP Sample, add Loner. If you're not happy with your wolf being a loner forever, a friendly pack might accept them.

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